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Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I am a fellow supporter of Jahar. So that's mainly what I post. I also post funny things or things that apply to my life! Follow button is up there if you want to follow me. I follow back everyone! But don't follow if you're going to just unfollow me right away. Send me any question you would like :) Bye lovelies. <3333
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Anonymous asked: Is this still a Jahar blog? Or is this the diary of a 12-year-old girl?


Well I don’t really even post much about myself so I don’t even know why you would call it a diary and it is still a jahar blog. If you’re talking about my post about my grandmother, its really rude. Otherwise I would love for you to elaborate more on how its a 12 year olds diary :)

Mysterious bags found? 

Been thinking about my grandmother alot lately. I miss her so much

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Anonymous asked: Just remember that even the sun gets covered by clouds sometimes, but you need to shine through them. Because even when it's night time where you are, the sun is rising somewhere on this earth, and darkness is never permanent. Tonight, look up at the stars. Just know that someone out there is looking at them to, and you are never, ever alone. Keep your head up <3


Thank you, you are too sweet <3

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Forgot to say this yesterday so happy late valentines day!

My one fishy died :(

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Hey guys since today is valentines day, do me a favor and follow my best friend <3 she needs more followers and loooove :D 

so I was playing sims and my sim had triplets two times


then they grew up and one of them became demented 





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